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4 Types of Tummy Tuck Procedures Offered By Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists

Plastic Surgery

Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that tightens the muscles and removes loose skin and fat from the abdomen so that it appears flat and toned.

Mostly associated with “mommy makeovers,” a procedure that allows women to restore their figures after pregnancy, abdominoplasty is also used to help patients that have undergone extreme weight loss in a short period of time.

A tummy tuck is a surgical method for removing excess skin and fat to create a slimmer body contour around the waistline. Tummy tucks can be personalized to the unique needs and desired results of each patient. Dr. Walt Bernacki explains that just because you’re not a candidate for a certain procedure, you may qualify for a less invasive procedure. Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists offer 4 different types of tummy tuck procedures.

4 Types of Tummy Tuck Procedures

Mini Tummy Tucks

This procedure can benefit those that are 5-10 pounds overweight. The patient has done all he or she could with diet and exercise but can’t seem to lose those last few pounds. This can also benefit females that have had children and have excess fat in their lower abdomen area. This procedure takes about 45 minutes. The patient is put under a general anaesthesia. Recovery time is usually 2-3 weeks. The procedure is done by removing a piece of skin in the shape of small football from the belly button down to the waistline. The surgeon removes fat on top of the abdominal muscle. This is the least invasive tummy tuck procedure.

Full Tummy Tucks

This is the most popular of all 4 tummy tuck procedures. A full tummy tuck removes the maximum amount of skin and fat on the abdominal muscle. This procedure tightens soft tissue from the bottom of rib cage and breastbone down to the beltline. An incision is made around the belly button and removes fat from muscle and remove excess skin.

Extended Tummy Tucks

Extended tummy tucks are a step above full tummy tucks. This procedure benefits those that have lost massive amounts of weight in a short amount of time. Often patients that have recently undergone gastric bypass surgery have this procedure performed to remove existing fat and large amounts of skin.

Belt Lipectomy

This is the most invasive tummy tuck procedure and requires the most amount of time under general anaesthesia. Dr. Walt makes sure the patient is a good candidate for this procedure by assessing the risks based on the patient’s health evaluation and also the time it will take the patient to recover. A Belt Lipectomy removes large amounts of skin and fat from the abdomen and the incision is continued around the waist to the middle of the back. This requires the surgeon to reposition 180 degrees after the abdominal incision has been closed. The surgeon must then remove tissue from the back and take off the excess skin before closing the back incision. Learn more about abdominoplasty procedure or Tummy Tucks.

Dr. Walt encourages those looking into a tummy tuck to seek the advice of a board-certified plastic surgeon and someone that does this procedure on a regular basis. He also reminds patients that tummy tuck procedures are often not covered by insurance. To schedule a consultation about a tummy tuck, fill out our contact form or call our office today.

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