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Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast Augmentation Revision

Depending on how long ago a person had their breast augmentation surgery, there may come a time where implants need replaced or the patient may have wanted a different look. A revision can be making the implants bigger, smaller, or even a lift or reshape.

Changing for Different Implants

If a person wants bigger or smaller breasts after their breast augmentation, then they may consider a breast augmentation revision. Implants can change shape or size and breast tissue can also change, creating an appearance or feel to the breast that is different than the original result. Some breast implants have a warranty on the actual implant itself, but after ten years the cost of the surgery to replace them aren’t included. Many women will replace their implants at or around ten years.

Another reason a person may want a revision is to switch from a saline implant to a silicon implant or vice versa. Saline implants can show flaws in the implant as well as the skin which results in the person feeling less comfortable with their appearance. Silicon and gel implants often have a better aesthetic and are often a main reason someone chooses to have a breast augmentation revision.


The cost for a revision surgery varies. In some cases, health insurance may cover breast implant revision surgery. Sometimes the implant warranty will cover some of the costs associated with this surgery depending on the timeframe. The cost will be figured out at your consultation. Costs may include surgeon’s fees, surgical facility, cost of new implants, tests and x-rays and post-surgery garments or prescriptions.


During your consultation, you will discuss the cost associated with your revision as well as your goals, how your previous surgeries went and aftercare.  The success revision depends on your openness during your consultation. Be up front with the answers you provide your surgeon. Also ask your plastic surgeon questions so you are sure to understand all aspects of your surgery.