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Can I Breastfeed After a Breast Augmentation?

There are rumors that surround breast augmentations and one we hear often is that if a woman has implants, she will not be able to breastfeed. That’s usually not true. In most cases, the incision is placed under the breast which doesn’t affect any of the ducts, nerves or parts of the breast involved in milk production. The potential difficulty comes from other types of incisions and the type of breasts the patient had originally.

Sometimes, the incision is placed toward the armpit or around the areola to make the scar less visible which can lead to complications. If the incision was near the areola, there could be nerve damage that affects the signals for the “letdown reflex” which could complicate milk supply. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell until it’s time to breastfeed.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of breast you had before your implants. The shape of your breasts could determine whether you would’ve had trouble breastfeeding with or without implants. Symmetric, regularly shaped breasts usually produce milk better than flat or tubular breasts. Figuring out whether you have good glandular tissue will help breastfeeding in the future.

The risks of not being able to breastfeed because of your implants are low. As long as you are producing milk and your baby can latch, breastfeeding with implants should be no problem. Be sure to take supplements to help milk production and consult with a lactation consultant if you’re experiencing any issues.

As long as your surgery is done by a qualified plastic surgeon, you should have no additional difficulty with breastfeeding if that was an option desired. Dr. Bernacki specializes in breast procedures and will gladly put your mind at ease by explaining the process he will use.

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