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Care for Your Skin This Winter

The cold, dry air of winter can wreak havoc on your skin. In general, there’s less ambient humidity in the air throughout the colder seasons. Combine that with the drying effect of indoor heating and your skin could be crying out for some much-needed moisture.

Despite the arid seasonal conditions, there’s no reason your skin must suffer through another scratchy and uncomfortable winter. Here are a few tips to go beyond moisturizer and keep your skin looking and feeling its best during the winter months.

Stay Hydrated

Maintaining hydrated skin begins inside of you. If you aren’t drinking enough water, your body simply can’t devote moisture to keeping your skin its supple best. Be sure to avoid salty foods and excess alcohol that can lead to dehydration, and always drink plenty of water to support your body’s overall health.

Rethink Your Cleanser

Keeping your skin clean should help promote moisture, not take away from it. If your skin is left feeling dry and tight after washing, ditch your cleanser in favor of something less harsh. Look for gentle, dermatologist approved cleaners to help maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Don’t Skip The SPF

Though it’s often associated with the summer sun, the protection offered by sunscreen is just as crucial during the winter months. The UVA rays from winter sunlight can damage skin, leading to increased signs of aging. Snow can magnify these rays, multiplying their damaging effects. Even if you’re out of the sun most of the time in the colder months, don’t ignore the importance of this simple precaution for your skin’s health and appearance.

Humidifiers Are Your Friend

Your home’s HVAC system is one of the great conveniences of our modern world, but the hot air it pumps out in the wintertime can have a major drying effect on your skin. Fight back and restore moisture to the air in your home with a humidifier. Humidifiers can be installed directly into your vents, or smaller plug-in models can be placed discreetly in the rooms you occupy the most. Whatever you choose, a humidifier can help lock in moisture by keeping your space at the ideal humidity level for healthy skin.

Consider a Medical Solution

If you think you’ve done everything right but still aren’t happy with the appearance of your skin, Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists are here to help. We offer a wide variety of skincare and rejuvenation services to help achieve your desired results. Check out our full range of skincare services here and contact us today to book a consultation.