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Cosmetic Procedures After Age 65

Cosmetic Procedures After Age 65

For generations women have been trying to slow down the aging process, whether that be moisturizers, sunscreen, or turning to cosmetic procedure. If you are over the age of 65 and are curious about the safety of cosmetic procedures at your age, then you have come to the right place.

Safety is the most important priority when considering cosmetic procedure. You need to sit down with your board certified plastic surgeons and discuss your current health and any issues that could cause problems during the chosen procedure. This will allow you to weigh whether the risks are worth the potential benefits.

Why to consider plastic surgery

There are many reasons older adults consider plastic surgery. Americans are living longer and also living richer, healthier lives. Very often older adults do not feel their exterior appearances properly displays how young they are feeling at heart. Another reason may they feel they are not competing as well with younger colleagues in their career. Of if they want to feel their best when re-entering the dating field after divorce or the death of a spouse. Whatever your reason may be, the number of older adults considering cosmetic surgery is increasing.

Health & Safety

With every single patient that comes through our doors, no matter what their age is, their safety is the most important factor. Our board certified plastic surgeons screen all of their patients for potential health risks and factors. Older patients who undergo procedures are likely healthy which means they’re at no higher risk for complications than younger patients.

Realistic Expectations

Once again, no matter your age, we encourage all of our patients to be realistic about their intended results. It is important not to overestimate what surgery can accomplish. If the goal of the surgery is to boost your confidence and make you enjoy your look, it will certainly accomplish that, but it will not make you look like you are in your 20s again.

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