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Find a Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust

Find a Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust

When deciding to undergo a plastic surgery procedure, finding a board certified plastic surgeon who you trust is one of the absolute most important steps. You are investing time and money into this procedure, not to mention it will affect your appearance, so it is important you do your research when it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right person.

Check the qualifications of your candidate. Make sure that the plastic surgeon you are seeing is a board certified plastic surgeon. You can check to see if they are board certified here. Once you’ve got it narrowed down to several options, make sure you meet with them face-to-face. Sometimes doctors will refer to themselves as a ‘cosmetic surgeon’, ‘aesthetic surgeon’, or ‘aesthetic medicine specialists’, all which are not plastic surgeons. Do not be fooled by a misleading title. You will want to ensure that your chosen candidates are well trained in the area of plastic surgery procedures that you are thinking of getting done.
Come to each consultation prepared and ready to ask questions. Treat these consultations like a job interview, have questions to ask your surgeon while you are face-to-face. This is a good opportunity to see photos of the doctor’s past work and find out if they have performed the procedure you are looking for before. It’s also a good time to clarify the costs, some surgeries have a surgeon’s fee, an operating or facility fee and an anesthesiologist fee. By asking questions you can ensure there are no surprises when it comes to the cost.
Keep in mind you want a surgeon who is polite, helpful and skilled. Be wary of red flags while you are asking questions. You should feel comfortable with them and not rushed or pressured. Another important detail to pay attention to is whether the surgeon is realistic in the outcomes, they should include pros and cons of the procedure. You shouldn’t feel like you are talking to a used car salesman who is trying to sugar coat everything. At the end of the day the decision is up to you and the doctor should respect that.
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