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Gummy Bear Implants

The latest advancement in plastic surgery are new breast implants that have received an interesting nickname. Dr. Grant Stevens, a prominent plastic surgeon in Marina Del Rey, California, coined the term ‘gummy bear breast implants’. The name was given because when these fifth generation silicone breast implants are cut in half, the implant remains stable and retains its shape, much like the gummy bear candies. These new implants are becoming more popular because they look and feel more like natural breasts.


In an attempt to mimic the natural shape of the breast, these form stable implants are designed to look like a tear drop, thicker at the bottom and tapered towards the top. To maintain this shape, the silicone gel in the gummy bear implants are firmer towards the top. They are a cohesive, form-stable gel is stronger against gravity and allows the breasts to keep their intended shape better.  The gummy bear implants are designed to hold their shape better which will ultimately reduce the amount of times you will need to get a breast lift done, saving you time and money.

Rupture and Leakage

All implants have the possibility of rupturing or leaking. Beginning in the early 70s implants were known to leak and even rupture. Fortunately, technology has advanced a great deal since then. There is no risk of leaking with gummy bear implants due to the more gel-like substance that they are made out of. All implants have a chance of rupturing, but the new gummy bear implants are made with a thicker gel which greatly decreases their chance of rupturing.


It is important to know that breasts implants are not designed to last a lifetime. Your implants may need to be replaced. You should plan for an annual examination by your plastic surgeon to evaluate your breast health and implant integrity. Over time, your breasts can change due to aging, weight fluctuations, hormonal factors and gravity. Usually around 10 years after having the procedure done, women start to see a change in the appearance of their breasts, it might be time to undergo a breast lift or implant exchange to restore a more youthful contour. The gummy bear implants have not been around for long enough for there to be information about their longevity. Even though they are more expensive, all signs are pointing towards them lasting longer than other implants because of their silicone-gel material and shape. Doctors are projecting they will last around 15 years.

As you can probably guess from the information listed above, the gummy bear implants are more expensive than regular breast implants and require a slightly large incision because of the material they are made out of. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation!