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Is Autumn the Best Time for a Cosmetic Procedure?

It’s no surprise that the colder months are a popular time for patients to book a variety of cosmetic procedures. If you’re only thinking about your summer body when warm weather arrives, you’re already late to the game. Likewise, you may be looking for a remedy for some of the abuse your skin took from all those summer rays.

From basic skincare to major plastic surgery, the slower pace of autumn offers the perfect opportunity for whatever procedure you’ve been considering. Here are just a few reasons why fall time is the right time to book your appointment.

Defeat Sun Damage

The harsh UV rays of the summer sun can take quite a toll on the appearance of your skin. Even with diligent application of moisturizers and sunscreen, sun damage can lead to unwanted lines, wrinkles, and spots. Take some time this autumn to address the damage caused by all that fun in the sun.

Laser Resurfacing can treat fine lines, deep wrinkles, sun spots and uneven skin tones and texture. During the procedure, a laser sends short, concentrated, pulsating beams of light to irregular skin, removing unwanted, damaged skin one layer at a time. Results from this procedure can immediate, with skin continuing to improve for up to a year. Long-term effects of laser resurfacing can last for many years, though the normal aging process means that wrinkles and expression lines will reoccur, and repeat treatments may be necessary.

Body Procedures

Recovering from a major body-shaping procedure takes time and plenty of rest. For example, in the case of breast augmentation, most patients take four to six weeks for the breasts to begin settling into a more natural position. Needless to say, you’ll need to plan ahead if you want to show off your new look in the summer months.

Another reason to plan a major surgery such as a breast augmentation or tummy tuck for the autumn months comes down to autumn fashion. The return to longs sleeves and baggy-fitting clothes in the fall months means it’s easier to conceal bruising, swelling and the obvious change in your body that you may not want to explain right away. The more laid-back pace of this season will also help facilitate a smooth recovery compared to the prime vacation months of summer or the bustling winter holiday season.

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