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Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment Recovery

We’ve talked about laser treatments being a good procedure to get in the fall and winter months because they work best on untanned skin and skin that is not burnt plus it’s easier to avoid sunlight during recovery. If you asked for a laser treatment or micropeel for one of your holiday gifts, here’s what to expect with your recovery.

Our MicroLaserPeel and BBL treatments both have fairly small windows of recovery in comparison to other procedures. If you have a BBL laser treatment, you may need a few days to recover whereas if you have a MicroLaserPeel, you could need up to three weeks for your skin to be completely healed.

After one of these treatments, you may have swelling, scabbing, redness or some peeling—that is normal. You may use ice packs to treat swelling and redness throughout your recovery. You will need to adjust your skin cleansing routine as well. Typically, the area treated will need to be cleaned 2-5 times a day. Your surgeon will recommend a cleansing solution to you. Be sure to ask if there is a preferred moisturizer for your healing.

Protection of your skin will prolong the results of your treatment and also show less wear on your face in the future. By using a minimum of SPF 30, you are protecting yourself from sun damage, one of the biggest culprits of aging skin.

Some people see immediate improvement but skin can often continue to improve over time. Your results from laser treatments can vary and you may need to get them redone a few months or years after your initial service depending on the treatment. By following the recovery instructions you are given, you are ensuring that the results you’ve paid to get are not being compromised.

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