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Laser Treatments in Fall and Winter Make for a Hot Summer

When you think about showing some skin, we think about warm temperatures during spring and summer. But, if you’re looking to improve the look or texture of your skin, the best time to schedule those procedures would be the fall or winter months. If you’re considering laser hair removal, scar revisions or laser skin resurfacing treatments, you may need more than one treatment which means more than one time where you are going through a healing process and avoiding sun exposure.


Each procedure comes with a few days of downtime or healing. The fall and winter offer longer periods of time that a person can take off work or work around holidays that would already be scheduled off. Additionally, there are typically less activities going on so there is less to miss while recovering from the procedures.

Sun Exposure

Laser resurfacing and laser hair removal both require the patient o avoid sun exposure for up to a few weeks afterward. Having these procedures done in the fall or winter typically means there is less direct sunlight as well as less outdoor activities to participate. Sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation on treated skin and skin is especially sensitive to burning after laser treatments.

If you’re looking to get a laser treatment, schedule your consultation now and look hot for the summer!