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Belly Fat

Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists Now Offers truSculpt iD!

Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists is proud to announce our newest non-invasive body contouring procedure known as truSculpt iD. This procedure requires no surgery, anesthesia, and does not require patients to be treated in a hospital or surgery center.

A non-surgical body sculpting system, truSculpt iD uses innovative monopolar radio frequency (RF) technology to selectively target fat and therapeutically heat it until fat cells are slowly removed and excreted through the body naturally. Penetrating deep to treat the entire fat layer from skin to muscle, truSculpt iD is clinically proven for permanent fat cell destruction. With real-time temperature control working to provide consistent results, studies have shown an average fat reduction of 24 percent, with patients seeing improvements 6-12 weeks following the first treatment. Treatments usually last 20-30 minutes.

If someone is looking to reap the benefits of a tummy tuck, they may consider truSculpt iD to reduce the price up to $2,000 due to the fact that no anesthesia or facility fee is applied. Other significant savings that are not always obvious include the time that you have to take off work or your normal duties. There is little if any downtime with this procedure.

truSculpt iD vs. CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting uses cool temperatures to remove fat cells. With this procedure, there is a chance of permanent or temporary sensation loss in the treated areas. In addition, one area can take up to 3 hours to treat.

truSculpt iD is also FDA approved for the treatment of cellulite. It will cause tightening of overlying skin. truSculpt iD is more beneficial because with CoolSculpting you will be left with loose skin.

At this time, Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists in the only plastic surgery practice in Central Ohio to offer this service. Call our office to schedule a consultation!