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Patient Testimony

Patient Testimony-Weight Loss and Skin Removal

Dr. Bernacki received this testimony from a patient who had a surgery with a different practice. After a long, painful recovery, many disappointments and almost losing hope, this patient came to Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists looking for relief. We are thrilled to receive such a great review and to know our practice and our surgeon are making a difference in the lives of our patients.

“What can you say about a doctor who saved your life? I choose to say Thank You. I had lost a lot of weight and opted for skin removal surgery with a different plastic surgeon in Columbus, Ohio. During my weight loss journey, I originally chose the first practice which was NOT Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists. A decision I have regretted for the past 8 years. After surgery post op 5 weeks the practice suddenly closed. Very Abrupt. I was in severe pain, unable to wear pants, underwear, anything that would touch my skin. The pain was excruciating.

The practice placed me with a new surgeon. They saw me and ordered a CT scan. Then the second surgeon called me with the results, nothing was found. The surgeon said “I’m leaving the practice, good luck.” Now I am lost. Nowhere to turn, scared in pain. Feeling life is over!

I did research online and found another plastic surgeon in Columbus, Ohio. I chose not to return to the first practice in fear the next doctor would leave the practice. I was desperate for help. I went to a third surgeon. He happened to be a colleague of the first surgeon. He found one progressive retention suture in my lower abdomen left side. Dug it out, the suture created an abdominal neuroma, removed it. It left basically a lemon size hole in my lower abdomen. I didn’t care because that area was pain free, left side I returned post op, still complaining of pain.

The surgeon said “I know who puts these progressive retention sutures in, they did it to patients when I worked with them in the past. They need to be removed. But you will need to go back to them to remove the rest. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.” I went back to him for other post op checks advising I can’t get appt with the first surgeon, who is starting new practice. He literally tapped me on my head and said I think we need to fix this. Shocked, saddened, feeling defeated I left and sat in my car and cried. The third surgeon basically told me I was crazy. I went over to the first surgeon’s new practice, desperate for help and to remove these sutures they placed.

They agreed to remove them, finally I could live again (no, not so fast.) They scheduled me for surgery and found a hernia on the left side and didn’t remove any sutures or neuromas, just stopped after finding a hernia. They billed my insurance that they removed sutures and a neuroma.

They made sure to say, hmmm it was right by the third doctor’s suture removal. Never removed the sutures– they were still in there, burning nerves jumping. I can still not wear clothing. I can’t go back to the first doctor; they are incompetent and fraudulently billed my insurance for something they didn’t do.

I have pictures of EOB and claims. My life is a nightmare. How do these people have medical licenses? I suffered trying to put on a brave face. I returned to the first practice after doing research they have a doctor who is a “world renowned abdominal wall repair specialist.” I made an appointment. Could it really be someone who could actually help me? Finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, unfortunately not so fast.

I went to my appointment with him and he argued with me and said the first surgeon “would never put those retention sutures in and leave them! I don’t believe you.  I can guarantee you there are no sutures in there.” The fourth surgeon suggested “let’s remove your belly button maybe that’ll get rid of your pain,” he was very arrogant and sarcastic. I knew that was not the answer and again returned from an appointment to cry in my car.

You have to keep moving forward. I prayed, I searched. One night, I googled my symptoms again. A google review came up from Nancy. I came to see Dr. Bernacki, MD. Told him my story, he listened and cared about me. He removed sutures and other damaged they caused fixed that hole made everything perfect! No pain!! He listened and cared about me, the patient. He is the best of the best! My nightmare is over because God led me to Dr. Bernacki. Never stop advocating for yourself. He is simply amazing! Thank you for saving my life!”

Our staff and Dr. Bernacki want to improve every patient’s life. If you are looking to have a reconstructive surgery or have had a surgery in the past and feel there may need to be a repair, schedule a consultation with us. We look forward to making this the best experience for you. You deserve the best care and we want to give you the results you desire.