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Plastic Surgery Information for Men

Plastic Surgery Information for Men

Stereotypes around plastic surgery are slowly being broken down. Over the past few years, the world of plastic surgery has seen a large increase in procedures performed on men. For the remaining men that are still hesitant about plastic surgery, it is often due to lack of correct information. To eliminate any remaining fears, here are a few important things men should know when considering plastic surgery.

Procedures are tailored differently for men and women

When choosing a plastic surgeon, it is crucial to ensuring you are choose a board certified plastic surgeon. These plastic surgeons have had extensive training and truly understand the anatomy of both the male and female body. The approach taken for the procedure differ between men and women because their bodies are different. Successful male cosmetic surgery will focus on creating or retaining masculine features. A skilled plastic surgeon will keep their male plastic surgery procedures conservation for natural-looking results.

Plastic surgery is not a work out replacement

Before turning to plastic surgery, patients need to realize that this does not mean you can completely give up diet and exercise. Patients should turn to plastic surgery if they have tried their absolute best with diet and exercise but still have body parts they would like to change. Learn more about our procedures for the Body here.


Recovery time after a procedure is just as important for both men and women. The first couple days after the procedure are vital to healing. Depending on the procedure performed, men may need to take a few days or weeks off of work. The more invasive the procedure, the more time off necessary. Going back to work and resuming normal activity will take time and it will be dependent on how quickly your board certified plastic surgeon gives you permission to resume normal activities. During each follow-up appointment, the surgeon will give the all-clear for resuming physical activities.