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Plastic Surgery Sometimes Comes with a Backstory

Plastic surgery can serve more than just a cosmetic procedure. It can change your life. Take this patient of Dr. Bernacki and his story of how facial reconstruction changed his life.

A patient came into Dr. Bernacki’s office after experiencing major headaches. His primary doctor could not figure out why the patient was experiencing these headaches and suggested an MRI to find the cause.

Rewind a few years. The backstory is that the patient had been involved in an accident in his youth which resulted in a BB pellet being lodged in his mandible, the lower jawbone. At the time, it was deemed safer to leave it alone rather than having surgery to remove it.

Fast forward to 2018, the headaches the patient was experiencing were NOT a result of BB in his jaw. However, his primary doctor was unable to perform the needed MRI due to the risk that the BB would move and potentially could cause major health issues.

Dr. Bernacki was able to successfully remove the BB from the patient’s jaw with minimal scarring and the patient was able to proceed in trying to determine the root cause of his headaches.

Dr. Bernacki is a skilled plastic surgeon who is dedicated to the whole health of his patients whether their needs include aesthetic plastic surgery or reconstructive, medically necessary surgery. From facial deformities to facial trauma, Dr. Bernacki’s goal is always the health, safety and best results possible for all his patients.