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Reasons People Get Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is not just for the rich and famous, although with tabloids it seems that way. But the practice of altering appearance is just only one aspect of plastic surgery. “Plastic” doesn’t necessarily refer to the substance used in manufacturing toys. If you have plastic surgery, you will not end up having any foreign substances in your body, except for augmentation. There are different types of plastic surgery, reconstructive and cosmetic.

Reconstructive: This category is typically covered by insurance.

Accidents: People can be left scarred or deformed from car wrecks, workplace mishaps, lab experiments gone wrong, falling, animal bites, burns, sports, etc. These can often wreak havoc on the body and surgery can help.

Birth defects and birthmarks: Cleft lips, ear deformities and skeletal deformities can cause severe physical and emotional handicaps. Reconstructive surgery can help correct birth defects and restore normal functioning and appearance.

Cancer: reconstructive breast surgery is common among women who have undergone a mastectomy. This procedure helps ease psychological trauma, although the procedure is not necessary.

Cosmetic: These procedures are typically not covered by insurance.

Massive Weight loss: A person who has lost a lot of weight quickly will have excess skin that refuses to shrink. Removing the skin is a way to correct the appearance of the damage caused by obesity.

Vanity / Self-esteem / Cosmetic: There are operative and nonoperative procedures. Different procedures include: laser hair removal, tummy tucks, but lifts, nose jobs, boob jobs, Botox, and more.

For more information on why people get plastic surgery and on specific surgery details listen to Dr. Bernacki’s On Call podcasts.