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Summer Bodies

Summer Bodies are Made in the Cooler Seasons

Most women start to think of their summer bodies when the weather begins to warm up. Breast augmentations and other body enhancement surgeries are increasingly popular but they all require a fair amount of recovery time. We’re talking weeks, not days. While there is never a bad time to schedule, if you are considering a breast augmentation the later months may be the best time for you to schedule.

Why Are Fall and Winter the Best Time to Schedule a Breast Augmentation?

Most women who have a breast augmentation take four to six weeks for the breasts to begin settling into a more natural position. The desired results will take a few more weeks to see so if you’re looking to have your ideal breasts by summer, plan a few months ahead. Additionally, fall and winter have many holidays which makes the time away from life’s activities to rest and recover less of a strain for busy schedules.

Another reason you may choose to have a breast augmentation done when it is cooler out is to better conceal bruising, swelling and the obvious change in your body that you may not want to explain right away. During the fall and winter, people naturally wear looser fitting or bulky clothing or scarves as accessories which conceals anything that may cause discomfort.

While there are reasons to schedule a major surgery in the fall or winter, there is no bad time to get the body you’ve always wanted. Visit us online to schedule a consultation, get more information or see before and after photos.