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Drop and Fluff

The “Drop and Fluff” Process

So, you’ve gotten a breast augmentation and you’re wondering why your implants aren’t looking quite the way you expected them to. The first few weeks your breasts may look higher and tighter than you wanted, or maybe not as shapely—this is not uncommon with breast augmentation patients and you’re not alone.

After a breast augmentation there is a period of time needed to allow the new implants to “drop and fluff.” While this is not a medical term, it is a widely known concept and a pretty common description for the healing process. Simply put, this is the point where breast implants begin to sit more naturally on the chest as the skin and muscle begin to loosen and the implants aren’t compressed by tissue, allowing them to look fuller.

All implants take time to reach their full height and volume whether saline or silicon. Since you’ve added a foreign object to your chest, your skin and pectoral muscles need to adapt to the new addition. This initially leaves implants sitting very high on the chest. As your muscles and skin begin to adjust around your implants, they will begin to sit more naturally on your chest.

Once the muscles relax, you’ll see your implants begin to take a more natural shape. The pressure that was causing them to be flattened out is now lifted and this is where the “fluff” comes in. Your implants will take a natural, fuller shape. An implant that is placed under the muscle, or a round implant, may take a bit longer to heal which means it may take longer to see the final result but patience is key when it comes to implants.

You should have the chest you were hoping for by the end of week 12, but there is no guarantee on how long it will take for your breasts to complete the drop and fluff process. Each person heals differently depending on their overall health, pre-existing muscle, etc. You may notice one breast dropping quicker than the other. While it’s irritating, it’s also normal.

If you haven’t seen any dropping or fluffing after your first few weeks, consult your surgeon. Dr. Bernacki specializes in breast procedures and has 20 years of experience. Schedule your breast augmentation consultation today!

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