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Skin Care

The Importance of Skin Care

As a plastic surgeon’s office, we see plenty of people who come in and want to refresh their look with a facelift, fillers, Botox, or other cosmetic procedures. But what about those who maybe aren’t at that age of commitment yet or those who want to avoid procedures? While we love cosmetic surgeries, we also know the importance of skin care routines before and after procedures. A good skin care routine is performed in the morning and evening. You will typically use a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and then special serums or treatments at night and an SPF in the morning.

Proper skin care can help slow the signs of aging. As our skin is exposed to the stresses of daily living such as sun and pollution, it takes longer for the skin to be shed and restored. As dead cells collect on the skin’s surface, signs of aging become more obvious, including fine lines and wrinkles, freckles, hyper pigmentation, loss of elasticity, reduced skin moisture and uneven skin tone.

We recommend the Obagi Nu-Derm System. The Obagi System works by penetrating deep into the skin to speed up cellular turnover and reverse skin damage for a more vibrant appearance. Our plastic surgeons often prescribe the product line prior to facial surgery to prepare the skin before surgery. The system can also be used alone to help patients achieve and maintain improved skin.

The system includes a cleanser, toner, Clear (spot corrector), Exfoderm®(skin smoothing lotion), Blender® (skin lightener and blending cream),  Obagi Hydrate®, and Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum. The Obagi Blue Peel can be used in addition to the everyday skincare program to kick start the rejuvenation process.

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