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Brazilian Butt Lift

Tips for a Smooth Recovery After Brazilian Butt Lift

Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is an option for women who want a well-shaped curvy buttock without the hassle of implants. This innovative cosmetic surgical procedure allows you to achieve attractive, natural-looking buttocks using your own fat. In fact, Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is the latest trend among women who want a booty boost and an all-natural way to refine the proportions of the body.

Fat is removed via liposuction from other areas of the body (typically the stomach, hips, and thighs), and transferred to the buttocks. Surgeons will perform additional liposuction around the butt to improve the appearance of surrounding areas for more attractive results. While the surgeon’s skill is paramount to achieving optimal outcomes, a lot depends on how you handle the recovery phase, especially when it comes to following your surgeon’s post-operative instructions. Proper postsurgical care is crucial for a smooth, safe recovery and good results.

Here are some valuable recovery tips to get you back to looking and feeling your best soon after your procedure:

  1. Do Not Sit For Approximately Two Weeks

For roughly two weeks following surgery you must avoid sitting in order to allow the body to properly heal. Sitting for long periods of time during this stage of recovery will damage the fat that has been transferred to your buttocks, compromising results.

  1. Walk And Stretch The Legs

Walking and stretching the legs help increase circulation and substantially decreases the risk of forming blood clots.

  1. Stretch The Buttocks

Stretching the buttocks through specific exercises will help the recovery process to go more quickly and smoothly. Ask us about the specific stretching exercises you can do.

  1. Stay Away From the Gym

Take a few weeks off from the gym. Then limit strenuous exercise until you are cleared from your surgeon.

  1. Don’t Go For A Soak

You should be able to shower in the first few days but avoid bathtubs, swimming, or soaking in the hot tub until you are cleared and completely healed.

To speed healing, take adequate rest, follow a balanced diet, and avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Contact your surgeon if you experience any unusual symptoms or problems such as infection and keep your follow-up appointments.