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What To Expect From A Consultation at Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists

Plastic Surgery Specialists

A plastic surgery consultation is the foundation of a procedure. This is the introduction between the patient and surgeon. Before setting up a consultation, it is important to select the appropriate surgeon.

Finding The Right Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bernacki advises anyone looking for a plastic surgeon, to make sure the surgeon is board certified. There are many different board certifications available, but the gold standard is through the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). ASPS board-certified surgeons have passed a rigorous written and oral exam. Once board certified, these surgeons must continue education and coursework to keep up with advances in plastic surgery and get recertified every 10 years. A patient can also speak with others that have had plastic surgery procedures to see what their experience was like with a plastic surgeon. It is also a good idea to talk with other healthcare professionals that are familiar with plastic surgery and if they have any recommendations of board-certified plastic surgeons they know and have worked with.

Scheduling a Consultation Appointment

At Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists, there is a $75 fee associated with a cosmetic surgery consultation. Upon entering the office, the patient will be given some basic health forms to fill out. These forms include past medical and surgical history, nicotine or alcohol use, history of cancer and anything else that is pertinent to making a decision about a candidate.

What to Expect During the Consultation

After the health forms are completed, the patient is brought into a consultation room. This is where the patient meets with Dr. Bernacki face to face and has a chance to tell him what he or she is looking to achieve and any specific concerns. Dr. Bernacki listens carefully to the patient and what he or she is looking for. After the patient describes what they are looking for, an office assistant will give an exam. Often times the patient will take their clothes off down to their undergarments. Dr. Bernacki then performs an examination by looking over the area the patient is inquiring about and asks the patient questions about their needs and expectations.

After the examination, an office assistant will take photos of the patient. Dr. Bernacki always asks for the patient’s consent and assures them that their name and face will not be on the photos. Photos are taken for education, pre and post operation planning, and insurance documentation. The assistant will then take measurements.

After photos and measurements have been taken, Dr. Bernacki talks with the patient about a plan of action. Sometimes what the patient thinks could be a solution may not be a realistic plan of action. For example, a patient may think he or she only needs liposuction. However, if a patient has other problems such as loose skin, stretch marks, or poor elasticity then liposuction may not be the answer. A different solution may be to do a tummy tuck. Dr. Bernacki discusses what is possible and what other options are for the patient.

Defining Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Bernacki evaluates patients for risks and benefits. If risks outweigh the benefits, the patient may not be a candidate for that procedure. If a patient cannot tolerate the procedure or heal well, Dr. Bernacki will let him or her know these concerns and why. It is also important to determine the level of expectations of the patient. If a patient asks a question that raises a red flag and Dr. Bernacki discovers the reason for the consultation is not healthy, he will voice his reasonings to the patient.

There are possible risks to every operation the patient needs to know and understand before making a final decision. Additionally, Dr. Bernacki sets realistic expectations for each procedure. If a patient goes through a procedure and has a complication, he or she will know about these possible complications before having the procedure.

Determining a Final Cost for the Procedure

Once all the patient’s questions are answered, a final cost is determined. Cosmetic procedures are usually not covered by insurance. A cosmetic procedure is broken down into 3 buckets for determining the total cost of the procedure. First is the surgeon fee. This is how much the surgeon charges to perform the operation. The second cost is the anaesthesia. This cost is based on the amount of time the patient is put under anaesthesia. The third is the cost of the operating room and is also based on the amount of time the operation will take to perform. Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists offers different financing options as well.

On the other hand, a reconstructive procedure can be covered by insurance. A pre-determination will be sent to the insurance company. Dr. Bernacki will send photos, including notes from his consultation and make a recommendation that the patient is a candidate for the reconstructive operation. It is then up to the insurance company if they will pay for operation and will send back a letter to Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists and the patient saying if the procedure will be paid for through insurance or not.

After cost and payment options are agreed upon, the patient meets with a surgery scheduler and determines the location and best date for the surgery to be performed.

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