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Breast Augmentation

What You Need To Know About Downsizing Your Breast Implants

If you are interested in reducing the size of your breast implants, there are a number of breast revision techniques that can help you achieve your new cosmetic and body goals. You may have been happy with the results of your breast augmentation for the past few years and things can change. Maybe now your implants feel too big for your body. At Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists, Dr. Bernacki can help you achieve the results you want without sacrificing the improved shape your implants have provided.

However, breast implant replacement isn’t always as simple as switching out an implant for a smaller size. Just like an initial breast augmentation, the experience is different for every patient. As you decide and research your options for breast implant replacement, keep the following in mind.

Choose A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

A secondary breast procedure can more challenging to perform than the first procedure. It takes a skilled and experienced surgeon to achieve a beautiful result. This is especially true if things weren’t done quite right the first time around or if complications occurred. Dr. Bernacki is a board certified plastic surgeon and is recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons in Ohio. He has nearly two decades of experience in plastic surgery and has performed many breast augmentation procedures.

During your breast augmentation revision consultation, Dr. Bernacki accounts for your individual anatomy, the size and age of your original implants, and your desired size change. If Dr. Bernacki did not perform your initial breast procedure, he will account for the other surgeon’s techniques and assess any risks. He will then help you choose a new implant to achieve a smaller breast size that you’re looking for.

You May Have More Implant Options Than Before

If your implants are older than 10 years old, you may be surprised by all the new implant shapes and filling types. Gummy bear implants offer a teardrop shape and mimic the natural shape of a breast. MemoryGel® Breast Implants come in either a textured or smooth surface shell and are available in a wide range of sizes and profiles to fit your body. At your consultation, be open and honest about your goals, so your surgeon can best help you select new implants you’ll like. It may help to show examples of breast sizes you think are appropriate for you, and ones you feel are too big. Be sure to look at body types that are similar to yours for size references.

At Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists, we want you to look and feel your best. Dr. Bernacki is highly experienced in breast augmentation and revision procedures. Whether you want to upsize, downsize, correct a problem, or simply update your implants, we will listen and work with you to achieve a look you love. Call our office or fill out a form on our website to schedule a consultation.