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Tummy Tuck

Mommy Makeover

Life after having a child does not slow down, if anything it speeds life up more than you ever thought possible. After your body experiences the changes from pregnancy, breast-feeding and multiple births, you may feel as though you will...
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Now Offering $800 OFF Tummy Tucks

Now Offering $800 OFF Tummy Tucks Call our office at 614-363-2754 to take advantage of this amazing offer, time is limited!
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Abdominoplasty – Columbus, Ohio

Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a Tummy Tuck, is often the perfect body contouring solution for our cosmetic surgery patients who have loose skin and/or excess abdominal fat in the stomach region. The ideal candidates for Tummy Tuck surgery include women...
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Tummy Tuck for Men – Columbus, Ohio

A tummy tuck procedure, also known as abdominoplasty, is often a procedure associated with women. This procedure, however is not limited in popularity to only women. In the past few years, the plastic surgery world has seen a huge increase...
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The Importance of Diet Before and After a Tummy Tuck

When you’re considering a surgical procedure, you have to be aware that you’re about to put your body through a significant level of stress and trauma. And of course, much of that trauma is caused by the surgical incision itself....
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4 Types of Tummy Tuck Procedures Offered By Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists

Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that tightens the muscles and removes loose skin and fat from the abdomen so that it appears flat and toned. Mostly associated with “mommy makeovers,” a procedure...
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Patient Testimony-Weight Loss and Skin Removal

Dr. Bernacki received this testimony from a patient who had a surgery with a different practice. After a long, painful recovery, many disappointments and almost losing hope, this patient came to Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists looking for relief. We are...
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Tummy Tucks: What to Know About Abdominoplasty

Types of Tummy Tucks A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, improves the look of your stomach and love handles (flanks) by removing excess skin and fat while tightening the muscles. A full abdominoplasty removes excess fat or sagging skin from above...
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Spring into Confidence

May is right around the corner and many of us are looking forward to prom, graduations, weddings and summer vacations. Warmer weather brings shorts, dresses and swimsuits, revealing skin and curves that have been hiding under winter wardrobes for months....
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