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Cellulite is caused by irregularities in the fibrous tissue in the skin, which can create dimples and markings on the skin’s surface. Most women experience cellulite as part of the body’s natural aging process. While numerous over-the-counter treatments are available to treat this condition, their results are often temporary. In most cases, clinical intervention is required to address the appearance of cellulite permanently.

If you are looking for a long-term treatment option for your cellulite, consider Sentient Sculpt at Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists. This non-invasive body contouring procedure targets cellulite and saggy skin without the need for surgery or lasers. Sentient Sculpt treatment uses gentle microwave energy to deeply penetrate the fatty tissue of the skin. The result is visible improvement in the appearance of cellulite on the treated area, along with fat loss, skin tightening and toning without invasive surgery or downtime.

How Does Sentient Sculpt Work?

Sentient Sculpt is an FDA-approved treatment that uses 2.45 Gigahertz of microwave energy to destroy cellulite from deep within body tissue while simultaneously tightening saggy skin. 80% of this energy penetrates deeply into the fat underneath the skin, eliminating fat cells and cellulite caused by the fibrous bands in the dermis of the skin. This also kick-starts collagen production, making skin bouncier, more elastic, and more youthful looking. The remaining 20% of this energy is targeted towards the surface skin layers, tightening the skin and revitalizing its appearance. Over time, smoother and firmer skin will appear as new collagen is generated while the fat cells and fibrous bands that form cellulite are broken down. The broken-down fat cells and tissue is then naturally metabolized by your body and flushed out.

Safe for all skin types, Sentient Sculpt can be used to treat the upper arms, stomach, love handles, fat rolls, thighs, buttocks and more. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bernacki can customize the Sentient Sculpt treatment to suit your specific needs.

Advantages of the Sentient Sculpt Treatment

The Sentient Sculpt is the only non-invasive cellulite treatment that is FDA-approved and safe for all skin types. With a built-in cooling mechanism to maximize comfort, patients report little to no pain during the treatment. The Sentient Sculpt treatment requires no downtime or recovery, giving you the freedom to return to your routine immediately after treatment. Sentient Sculpt’s targeted technology precisely and effectively targets cellulite without affecting surrounding skin or tissues.

Sentient Sculpt results generally begin to appear 30 days after the first treatment, with the full results visible within three months. three to four Sentient Sculpt treatments are usually recommended for optimal results, with one session monthly.

Cellulite can leave you uncomfortable in your skin, limiting your clothing options and keeping you from living confidently. If you are tired of your cellulite holding you back, we are here to help. Contact our office today to book your consultation and gain the benefits of this revolutionary treatment.


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