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Though changes in breast size, shape, and profile are common for every woman, many find themselves unhappy and uncomfortable with these fluctuations over time. If pregnancy, weight changes, aging, or any other factors are causing you to be dissatisfied with your breast size or shape, consider the possible long-term enhancements of breast surgery in Columbus.

Discussing treatment with a plastic surgeon is an important first step if you are considering breast surgery. During an initial consultation at Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists, we could speak with you about breast surgery, possible benefits, and the best course of action for your surgical goals. Give us a call today to learn more.

What Are My Options for Breast Surgery?

Breast surgery patients in Columbus have several options for cosmetic procedures and may choose to undergo one operation or combine several surgeries.

Breast Augmentation

One of the most popular breast surgical procedures, breast augmentation, can increase breast size with implants. This can increase volume, improve shape and improve asymmetry.

Breast Lift

Breast sagging or drooping is one of the most common cosmetic concerns regarding the chest, but breast lift surgery could provide a long-term solution. The operation removes excess stretched breast skin before tightening and reshaping the breast tissue to combat sagging. In addition, the surgery often repositions the nipples and areolas higher on the breast mound to ensure natural-looking results.

Breast Reduction

Women with naturally larger breasts often develop shoulder, neck, and back pain from the additional weight, and often find themselves frustrated by wardrobe and physical limitations. Breast reduction surgery could alleviate these concerns by removing excess tissue, fat, and skin from the chest to reduce breasts to a particular size before reshaping the remaining breast tissue. In addition, the operation could alter the shape, size, and position of the areolas and nipples to ensure they are proportional to the new breast size.

Many patients do not realize that breast reduction surgery is often covered by insurance. This procedure will alleviate neck, back, and shoulder pain, reduce brassiere grooving and make exercise and all forms of physical activities much easier. Dr. Bernacki performs hundreds of breast reductions per year. He is very skilled with this procedure and both he and his staff are very effective in getting this surgery approved by insurance if you have large breasts and the classic symptoms.

Breast Reconstruction

When breast cancer treatment requires surgically removing breast tissue, many women choose to undergo breast reconstruction surgery with flap techniques or implants. In most cases, breast reconstruction surgery includes nipple and areola reconstruction with tissue transfers.

Breast Implant Removal or Replacement

After breast augmentation surgery, some women decide to change or remove their implants for cosmetic or health reasons. For instance, breast implant removal surgery could restore a patient’s smaller breast size for a more natural look and reduce possible complications.

Breast implant replacement surgery could also exchange aging or damaged implants that affect your health and breasts’ appearance. This procedure is ideal for patients who want to further enhance their breasts by getting implants of a different size, shape, or material.

Benefits of Breast Surgery

The main reason that individuals choose to undergo breast surgery is to address cosmetic concerns. For instance, breast augmentation or reduction surgery could balance the proportions between the breasts and overall figure. Additionally, breast surgery could correct moderate to severe breast sagging, stretched areolas, and visible breast asymmetry.

In addition to cosmetic improvements, breast surgery patients in Columbus undergo surgery for medical concerns that may arise from previous procedures. For example, some people develop abnormally hard scar tissue around breast implants from augmentation surgery. Our skilled team could work to address issues from previous surgeries and develop an individualized plan to get a patient the results they are looking for.

Get More Details During a Breast Surgery Consultation in Columbus

Although it is perfectly natural for your breasts to change over time, some of us face negative impacts to self-confidence, body image, and physical abilities. However, cosmetic surgery could help restore confidence in your appearance, whether you want to reduce, augment, or lift your breasts.

Instead of being unhappy with how your breasts look, consider your options for breast surgery in Columbus. During an initial consult, Dr. Bernacki will listen to your concerns and goals and help you understand your surgical options. Contact us at Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists to get started.