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By nature, it is quite common for women to have uneven breasts (Breast Asymmetry). A large percentage of women have one breast that is slightly heavier and fuller than the other. As a woman ages, the difference between her two breasts can increase. The smaller breast tends to remain flat while the larger one grows or sags due to changes in her body. Even breasts that were formerly equal in size may differ from in each other over time, due to aging, childbirth or changes in weight.

Breast Asymmetry often causes a loss of confidence, social anxiety or a fear of intimacy; it can be a source of great distress, especially for teenaged girls. Fortunately, any size difference between breasts can be corrected with proper breast asymmetry correction surgery.

Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists believe in helping women to attain bodies that are not only beautiful but also realistic. Surgeries such as Breast LiftBreast Reduction, and Breast Enhancement can correct Breast Asymmetry and make your breasts look beautiful. Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists will evaluate your condition and discuss the best treatment plan. At the end of the day, Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists will help you achieve what you desire.

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