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Breast augmentation surgeries rank among the most widely performed cosmetic surgeries these days mainly due to continuous technological advancements resulting on greater safety and affordability. However, even with the majority of women reporting satisfaction with the results, many women seek to improve upon the results of prior surgeries. At Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists in Columbus, Ohio, Breast Augmentation Revision procedures are performed to help women find the best look that matches their changing lifestyle and aesthetic needs.

About Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

The reasons women have for choosing Breast Augmentation Revisions are varied. Some women elect to have Breast Augmentation Revisions to replace their current implants with even larger ones. As they age, some women may find that they need smaller breast implants than the ones provided in their initial surgery. In some cases, women are simply not satisfied with the look, shape or feel of their current implants. These are all reasons to consult with our physician to see if Breast Augmentation Revision is right for you.

Whether your past breast augmentation surgery was for medical, aesthetic, or any other personal reason, if you are not satisfied with the results, contact us at Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists to discuss your Breast Augmentation Revision options. We will provide you with a gallery featuring before and after pictures of the natural-looking results realized by our previous patients.

Basic Procedures for Breast Augmentation Revision

The procedure for Breast Augmentation Revision is quite similar to the original Breast Augmentation surgery. Before starting, one of our staff will discuss your overall goals and provide you with options that will best meet your needs. Your particular situation may only involve the removal of scar tissue from the original surgery, leaving the current implants in place, or you may choose to replace them with new ones. In some cases, removal of the original implants followed by a breast lift procedure is all that is needed to return the breasts to their original size and shape.

Learn More About Breast Augmentation Revision in Columbus

To learn more about if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation revision in Columbus, give us a call at Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists. We can help you understand your surgical options and work with you to achieve your desired results.