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20 off laser proceduresLaser treatments are among the most popular cosmetic treatments performed in the United States thanks to their minimally invasive nature and low downtime. Performed with a laser rather than a traditional scalpel, these procedures can improve your self-confidence, radiance, and overall appearance. Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists offers a variety of state of the art cosmetic laser treatments to help you achieve the results you desire.


MicroLaserPeelTM is a laser peel that precisely removes a thin layer of skin. Because it is administered with great precision of depth, this treatment provides superior results. MicroLaserPeelTM can improve skin texture, tone, and luminosity. Though most skin areas on the body can be treated, popular treatment areas are the face and neck. MicroLaserPeel™ causes little pain or discomfort thanks to its low depth of penetration. Depending on the depth of the treatment, most patients feel comfortable enough to return to work in 3 to 4 days. Most patients notice obvious improvements in tone, texture and color evenness once the skin heals in approximately 3-4 days.

Laser Resurfacing

As the name suggests, laser Resurfacing utilizes a specialized laser to improve the overall look of your skin. This procedure can treat fine lines, deep wrinkles, sun spots and uneven skin tones and texture. During treatment, your surgeon uses the laser to send short, concentrated beams of light at irregular skin. This precisely removes unwanted, damaged skin one layer at a time. Patients have reported immediate results following the treatment with continued improvement for up to a year. While the effects of laser resurfacing can last for many years, the normal aging process means that wrinkles and expression lines will reoccur. You may repeat laser resurfacing as necessary.

Rapid Hair Reduction

Rapid Hair Reduction uses BroadBand Light for comfortable and easy treatment of unwanted hair. This innovative light-based technology utilizes pulses of light energy to target and destroy hair follicles and is safe enough to be used on any part of your body including the face, neck, underarms, bikini line, legs, and arms.


Phototherapy can treat skin conditions, such as those associated with aging, sun damage, and acne. The BroadBand light treatment can comfortably and effectively treat skin defects such as age spots, freckles, rosacea, small blood vessels, acne scars and much more. The most popular treatment areas are the face, neck, back of hands, chest, and shoulders.

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