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Get to Know Our New Registered Nurse Aesthetician!

Get to Know Our New Registered Nurse Aesthetician!

We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists family, Danielle Perkins, a skilled and dedicated Registered Nurse Aesthetician who brings a wealth of experience to our team. Let’s take a moment to learn more about her journey and what she brings to our practice.

Danielle Perkins embarked on her career after completing her nursing degree at Shawnee State University. She has been making a significant impact in the medical field since 2009, initially starting in a hospital setting where she gained valuable experience in in-patient care. Her compassionate nature and commitment to patient well-being were evident from the very beginning.

Danielle later transitioned to perioperative care, where she spent a decade honing her skills and becoming well-versed in various aspects of surgical patient care. Her attention to detail and ability to provide exceptional care in high-pressure situations became hallmarks of her nursing approach.

In 2019, Danielle’s journey took a fascinating turn when physicians she had previously worked with invited her to join their practice as an RN Aesthetician. This opportunity marked her entry into the aesthetics field, where she swiftly embraced techniques such as filler injections, body contouring, and other non-surgical treatments. Her skill for enhancing patients’ natural beauty and boosting their confidence through aesthetic procedures grew quickly, combining her passion for aesthetics and patient care.

“Aesthetics is something that I’ve always been interested in personally. I like taking care of myself, and there’s always a new treatment out there,” Danielle explains.

July 2023 marked an exciting milestone as Danielle Perkins became a valued member of the Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists team. Her arrival has enriched our practice by bringing a host of expertise and skills that perfectly align with our commitment to patient-centered care.

Within her role at Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists, Danielle’s skill set shines brilliantly. She seamlessly administers Botox and filler injections, creating stunning results for our patients. Moreover, her proficiency in body contouring procedures, such as Emsculpt Neo and Morpheus8, adds a dynamic edge to our comprehensive suite of offerings. Danielle’s mastery in administering rejuvenation treatments using cutting-edge devices like Tixel is another invaluable asset to our practice.

“I think that people may not understand that there is a big education portion to [aesthetics] with anatomy and knowing how the body reacts to different treatments,” she says. “With my surgical background and being a nurse, the medical side of it is always at the forefront.”

Danielle’s arrival also bears a wonderful bonus for our team. Her expertise in treatments like Botox allows our esteemed Dr. Bernacki to devote more time to the surgical aspects of patient care, ensuring each patient receives personalized attention that addresses their unique needs.

“Dr. Bernacki has been a great mentor to me, sharing his techniques for lasers, Botox and other treatments,” Danielle says. “I feel very lucky to have him in my corner.”

Beyond her exceptional professional endeavors, Danielle finds joy in her family life. She is a dedicated mother to five children, ranging in age from 8 to 18. With four boys and one girl, the Perkins family is heavily involved in baseball, with their summers abuzz with travel baseball leagues. Beyond her devotion to her kids, Danielle enjoys reading, working out, and cherishing quality moments with her loved ones.

Danielle is excited to be a part of the Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists team and looks forward to meeting both new and established patients of the practice. Her dedication to enhancing natural beauty and fostering patient confidence aligns seamlessly with our mission, making her a perfect fit for our community.

“There is a little bit of a stigma with aesthetics in general that you’re going to look different, or not look like yourself,” Danielle says. “For Dr. Bernacki and myself, the goal is not to change the way that you look. Our goal is to make you look like a better version of yourself.”

Danielle’s journey as a skilled Registered Nurse Aesthetician showcases her unwavering commitment to patient well-being and self-improvement. We warmly welcome her and invite you to experience her expertise firsthand! Schedule a consultation today for a variety of non-surgical treatments to discover the many benefits that Danielle brings to our practice.