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Improve Breast Asymmetry Through Augmentation

Comparing one side of your body to the other, it’s likely that you’ll find some instances of asymmetry. One foot may be larger than the other, an ear might sit higher on the side of your head. For women, asymmetry...
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Save The Date: RHA Day is October 1st

RHA Day Event October 1st from 12:00-2:00pm is RHA Day at Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists. Beautiful at rest, flawless in motion. RHA® is a clear injectable gel that corrects facial wrinkles and it’s the only FDA-authorized hyaluronic acid filler for helping...
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Save The Date: EMSCULPT NEO Event October 28th

EMSCULPT NEO Event Join us on October 28th from 11am to 7pm for a special event introducing EMSCULPT NEO. The first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure providing simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building in a combined 30-minute session. Special...
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Is Autumn the Best Time for a Cosmetic Procedure?

It’s no surprise that the colder months are a popular time for patients to book a variety of cosmetic procedures. If you’re only thinking about your summer body when warm weather arrives, you’re already late to the game. Likewise, you...
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Choosing a Cosmetic Laser Treatment

Fall into savings With This Special Offer From Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists. Until November 30, take 20% off Subnovii—the ultimate non-surgical solution for aging, wrinkles, scars and more. And/Or: All laser treatments including MicroLaserPeelTM, Laser Resurfacing, and more are all...
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Celebrate National Botox Day With These Incredible Offers

November 17th is National Botox Day. It’s also the birthday of our own Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Walter Bernacki! In honor of this very special day for our practice, enjoy the following special offers on Botox, good through the entire month...
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Say Goodbye to Brow Lines With Jeuveau

Injectables have offered a trusted solution for reducing the appearance of lines on the face for decades, but there hasn’t been a treatment specifically designed to address lines that form between the eyebrows—until now. Jeuveau is a one-of-a-kind prescription medicine...
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Breast Augmentation: Q&A With Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Walter Bernacki

Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists’ Dr. Walter Bernacki is the head of plastic surgery at Mount Carmel East Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. He is an expert in the art and science of breast augmentation and other breast-related procedures. If you’re considering...
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Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome readers! We are excited to announce that Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists will now have a blog. In everything that we do for our patients from consultations to post surgery check-ups, we want to be an information source that people can...
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